GeoServer and Architectures of Participation for Geospatial Information

Google TechTalks
August 23, 2006

Chris Holmes

This talk will introduce GeoServer, an open source server to publish and edit geospatial data using open standards with Google Earth, Google Maps, and more. The talk will highlight the recent the work done to interoperate with Earth and Maps, and how GeoServer fits in to the stack of software to share and collaborate around geospatial information. Also discussed will be the relevant open standards used by GeoServer, including WMS, WFS, SLD and GML, and how they were leveraged to create KML network links with the existing GeoServer core. The close of the talk will look towards the future, with more speculative questions such as what a true geospatial web might look at, and how we might apply the principles of open source to collaboratively build and maintain geospatial data (including what tools and social architectures would support a movement for collaborative geodata). Hopefully this will lead to an open discussion on turning the possibilities in to reality.